Seth Shulman, B.A.

I work with a team of top-notch professionals to provide the music industry several key services:

  • Event management and pubicity
  • Digital sound production
  • Arranging and composing
  • Session musicians
  • Full cycle production service

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I teach keyboards, guitar, percussion, theory, and digital production for all ages and groups. Along with a team of distinguished professionals, I can ensure that even the least common instrumentalists can find a dedicated, seasoned instructor.

Whether you are a beginner or consummate professional wanting to take your art to the next level, I can provide sound instruction, motivation, and a pathway to your aspirations.

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Performance  ::  Production  ::  arangement  ::  education

Seth Shulman, a graduate of Berklee College of Music, Boston, has been a lifelong musician, producer, and educator across the United States.


From performance to theory and arrangement, to production and education, Seth Shulman provides the highest level of artistry and professionalism.

Seth Shulman is a proud member of America's Music Teachers National Association.

Everybody can learn